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Why You Need a Japanese Knotweed Survey

If you think you have Japanese knotweed present on your property or site, you’ll want to get this confirmed – and the earlier it’s identified and treated, the better. Left untreated, knotweed can damage a property and spread rapidly.

A Japanese knotweed survey will formalise its identification and allow you to understand the spread, severity and the level of risk it presents(see below risk category table). The survey will then inform a plan of treatment to begin the eradication process.

For residential locations

If you wish to sell your property or are looking to buy a property, and you suspect Japanese knotweed is present, a survey undertaken by a PCA qualified specialist and subsequent management plan is required to satisfy mortgage lenders and home buyers alike.

Likewise, if you wish to simply determine the presence of knotweed on your land or neighbouring land, a Japanese knotweed survey is the first step.

For commercial sites

When it comes to construction projects, a Japanese knotweed survey is best undertaken before any work begins to assess the land proposed for development, and ideally an invasive weed survey is carried out during the purchase process.

Whatever your reason for booking a Japanese knotweed survey on your commercial site, we can perform one in all seasons.

Japanese Knotweed Survey Cost

A RICS and PCA-accredited Japanese knotweed survey from Japanese Knotweed Specialists starts from £299 + VAT. If you proceed with our Knotweed Management Plan, your Japanese knotweed survey fee will be deducted from the cost of your treatment plan.

Understand the Risk – RICS Japanese Knotweed Risk Categories

Category Risk categories (A = the highest risk)
A: Action Japanese knotweed is causing visible material damage to a structure and has significant impact on the property.
Further investigations by an appropriately qualified and/or experienced person are required.
B: Action There is no visible material damage, but the knotweed is likely to prevent use of, or restrict access to space.
Further investigations by an appropriately qualified and/or experienced person are required.
C: Manage Japanese Knotweed was not seen within the boundaries of this property or has low impact on the overall property. Future management advice should be sought.
D: Report Japanese Knotweed was not seen on this property, but it can be seen on a neighbouring property or land where it was more than 3 metres away from the boundary.

What Does a Japanese Knotweed Survey Entail?

Thorough Inspection & Production of Knotweed Management Plan

Once your appointment is booked, upon arrival, our team of PCA Qualified surveyors will inspect your land, as well as any neighbouring land. We aim to complete a thorough inspection, including overgrown areas. If it is winter or the site has previously been treated or disturbed, then we can arrange for a dog detection survey, whose keen noses are able to sniff out knotweed easily.

Once we have completed the survey, we will aim to send you your report and Knotweed Management Plan within five working days, depending on the area covered and the extent of the problem.

In our results, we will include a map to show the extent of the problem, along with a scope of where it meets neighbouring land, and other geographical influences.

The results also contain a Knotweed Management Plan which contains:

  • Written report
  • Detailed quote
  • Complete information pack
  • Recommended Knotweed Management Plan

FREE Identification Prior to Survey

If you are able to, before you book a survey, take some clear photos of the plant(s) in question, and email them to us, info@jkws.co.uk where we can identify the plant for you. If it is Japanese knotweed, we will then advise you to book a survey.

Regardless of why you need a survey, booking one in with our team of expert knotweed surveyors is simple and easy (simply fill in our form at the bottom of this page).

Japanese Knotweed Management Plan

Once you have agreed to our proposed Knotweed Management Plan, our experienced technicians will visit the property as per the knotweed management plan schedule. This will be delivered within proposed timelines, where our experts will carry out specialist treatment or removal methods to guarantee an effective solution.

Whether this is herbicide treatment, physical removal, screening, installation of root barriers or any of our treatments, our experts will carry out every step of the process, in a manner accredited by the PCA (Property Care Association).

Knotweed Removal Guarantee

Once a treatment plan is put in place, you are immediately issued with your knotweed removal guarantee if the plan is paid in full. This is PCA-approved and satisfies mortgage lenders, as Japanese Knotweed Specialists can issue RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) approved surveys. Our guarantees are between five and 35 years, depending on your requirement.

This is your legal proof that the infestation is being professionally managed by a PCA contractor
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