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Dogs have long been used to sniff out drugs, bombs and other dangerous items. Today, dogs have also been trained to sniff out the rhizomes in Japanese Knotweed.

Dog detection surveys can be used to identify small amounts of knotweed in vast areas without the need for human intervention.

Why Use Detection Dogs?

Japanese knotweed can be hard to spot, is often found in hard-to-access places, and can be buried amongst deep shrubbery. Dogs, being smaller and lighter on their feet, are able to access riverbanks, marshes and other tricky spots easier than humans, and also at a greater speed.

Dogs can also detect knotweed buried under the ground’s surface without the need to dig, which is good for properties that want to avoid extensive excavation in gardens or neighbouring land.

Unlike a traditional survey which can only happen in spring/summer, Japanese knotweed detection dogs are able to go out in any weather, during any season. Dogs can detect knotweed through snow, rain and deep mud all year round – so there is no delay on the start of the removal process.

What Does a Japanese Knotweed Detection Dog Survey Entail?

A canine team, including a handler, will visit the area, and in a matter of minutes will cover all kinds of terrain to determine whether knotweed is there, even if it’s dormant and below ground.

Dogs will respond at the presence of knotweed in a pre-determined way, often by freezing, at which point a localised dig can be carried out.

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How Can Japanese Knotweed Detection Dogs Help Home Buyers & Sellers?

Thanks to their fine-tuned noses, detection dogs can find any presence of knotweed with little disruption to a homeowner’s garden. If a TA6 form has been marked ‘not known’ when it comes to knotweed presence, a dog detection survey is a harmless way to make any presence known.

Japanese knotweed as small as a bunch of roots can be found before the problem spreads

How Can Detection Dog Surveys Help Developers and Construction Firms?

When beginning a new development, dogs can be brought in to survey the site and surrounding areas to ensure that land is completely clear of traces of knotweed before building commences.As removing Japanese Knotweed can be a large and arduous process, detecting it before major construction begins can not only stop it from being disturbed and growing through buildings, but can ensure excavation is complete and the knotweed is removed before houses get built.

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Our bespoke live reporting system

When you choose to enlist the services of Japanese Knotweed Specialists you are choosing to work with highly skilled contractors who are experts in invasive species. We use our bespoke live reporting and scheduling system to enhance productivity and customer experience. Our Japanese Knotweed removal specialists use the system to provide you with real-time, minute-by-minute updates, so you can always be informed with progress and status.

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