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Japanese Knotweed Chemical Control

After being identified on a site, a specialist may recommend that an invasive growth of Japanese knotweed should be treated or eradicated using chemicals. Part of this process will require the use of a Japanese knotweed herbicide treatment, which is easily applied to top growth.

Herbicide treatments can be sprayed onto the affected area, helping to die back any invasive overgrowth, but this may leave roots hidden in the rhizome. Repetitive, yearly applications of a herbicide treatment can control the future growth of Japanese knotweed.

Find out how this process works below.

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Japanese Knotweed Herbicide Treatment, Explained  

Leaf application of herbicides is also commonly known within the industry as “foliage spraying”. This method of Japanese knotweed herbicide treatment is an ideal solution for treating both small and large areas of an affected garden or commercial site. Herbicide treatment is a popular choice due to the speed at which the herbicide can be applied to the leaves and how quickly it can be absorbed into the plant.

The Japanese knotweed herbicide treatment is absorbed into the rhizomes of the plant where it will quickly destroy the species. Our residential and commercial herbicide treatment for Japanese knotweed removal is cost-effective. However, you may still need to consider having the knotweed excavated if you wish to landscape or develop the land further. This method is applicable for both residential and commercial herbicide treatment projects and our experts can cover the whole garden or affected site on a commercial premise.

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How Long Does the Japanese Knotweed Herbicide Treatment Take to Work?

Generally speaking, destroying Japanese knotweed with a herbicide treatment is a quick and cost-effective way of eradicating the invasive plant from your garden or commercial site. However, for this treatment to be completely effective Japanese knotweed herbicide treatment needs to be taken down to the rhizomes to work properly. The herbicide is usually rainfast within 10 minutes, which is ideal for the unpredictable British weather.

The only downside is that treating Japanese knotweed with herbicide can take between 2-5 years to kill the infestation completely. If the plant that you are trying to destroy is well established, this can take even longer.

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Benefits of Herbicide Treatments for Japanese Knotweed

For a cost-effective, quick treatment of this invasive plant, herbicide treatments can ensure that any aggressive overgrowth is properly controlled using chemicals. This treatment process applies to either residential or commercial sites, meaning that any affected area can be quickly treated to avoid future damage and regrowth.

Herbicides can control Japanese knotweed where other processes may not be suitable. For example, where it’s more complicated to remove weeds mechanically or manually in wet weather conditions, herbicides can effectively be used for weed control. In fact, agricultural research studies have suggested that chemical weed control using herbicides has been shown to be far more effective than manual weed control solutions. For this reason, this is a beneficial solution over manual weed drudgery that’s applicable to a range of settings.

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Why People Trust Japanese Knotweed Specialists

PCA qualified contractors

Treating Japanese knotweed effectively with herbicide is best left to the professionals. Our specialist team are able to eradicate the plant without causing any harm to local wildlife or nearby plants, helping to keep a healthy environment for all. Our technicians are PCA and NPTC qualified, which is a standard requirement within the industry. All of the work we carry out is in compliance with the PCA code of practice and your treatment plan includes a two-year post herbicide treatment period.

Specialist Guarantees

You can be reassured to know that our insurance backed five and ten-year guarantees comes with all our residential Japanese knotweed treatments to satisfy mortgage lenders. Our specialist guarantees are written independently and approved by the PCA (Invasive Weed Group of the Property Care Association) and also recognised by the RICS.

Environment Agency & SEPA approved

All our specialist technicians will only ever use Japanese knotweed herbicide and chemical treatment methods that are approved by the Environment Agency & Scottish Environment Protection Agency also known as SEPA.

For more information about residential Japanese Knotweed herbicide treatments, please get in touch with a member of our team.

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