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What Does a Japanese Knotweed Insurance-Backed Guarantee Cover?

Japanese knotweed insurance-backed guarantees address any re-growth and the subsequent removal and control of Japanese knotweed on your premises if it should regrow after treatment.

From residential homes to construction sites for housing developments, we can arrange 5- and 10-year insurance-backed guarantees that can be issued to any site.

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Why Do I Need a Japanese Knotweed Insurance-Backed Guarantee?

Due to the way Japanese knotweed grows, spreads, and survives, Japanese knotweed is a very difficult plant to eradicate and can cause significant damage if not treated correctly.

Our ability to arrange insurance-backed guarantees should Japanese knotweed return on your property means you are covered for up to 5 or 10 years from the completion of our treatment plan.

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Japanese Knotweed Insurance Claim Process

To claim on your insurance-backed guarantee, you will need to contact us as soon as you see any re-growth (as stated in the guarantee). This is so that we can arrange for a surveyor to survey your property (subject to the terms of our guarantee).

If you move properties or sell on a development site, the policy of insurance can also be passed to future homeowners (at a fee). A Japanese knotweed survey will need to be undertaken if not carried out at the start of the treatment plan.

Insurance-backed also means that in the unlikely event that we are unable to continue as a business, your Japanese knotweed guarantee policy would continue to be effective and covered by another PCA contractor approved by GPI.


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