Green Leaves
Dry Forest

Vegetation clearance and stock fencing installation

Working for one of the UK’s largest Environmental Consultants we carried out a large vegetation clearance operation where a 5 m wide path had to be created through blackthorn for a pubic footpath.

Site was a conservation area

Our specialist forestry mulcher created a walkway efficiently and left a graded finish ready to be used by the Public.

Stock fencing was installed along the river bank – over 200 meters

Value: £10,000
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On-going herbicide treatment plans to 100+ homes for leading Housing Association

As part of a 5 year contract for 1 of the 10 largest Housing Associations in the UK to treat all their properties that are affected with JKW.

  • We deliver proactive and cost effective treatment plans.
  • Initial JKW surveys and maps are created for each site
  • A tailored treatment plan for each address
  • Access is arranged with tenants over the 3 year treatment period
  • Live reporting sends our client PDF job sheet with before and after pictures
  • As part of our works we ensure efficient scheduling to reduce costs and the impact on the environment with travelling.
  • In addition we offer our client FREE training on how to spot Japanese knotweed with our Seminars
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CAD Plan
Red Barriers

Japanese Knotweed Excavation to allow construction of 30 Affordable homes

  • Initial JKW Survey and written management plan
  • Vegetation clearance
  • Trial digs to determine extent of infestation spread
  • Full excavation and removal off site
  • Ongoing monitoring 5 year guarantee

The site was a former council depot where the JKW had been treated for a year. This meant that the surface visible growth was not accurate and trail digs had to be carried out to determine the spread and depth of the JKW Rhizomes.

Other challenges were determining where the services were located and carrying out the works in a strict time scale not to affect construction and therefore costs.

Through carrying out the detailed management plan and trial digs we were able to save our client over £100,000 from other quotes they had received. We completed the excavation and removal works within a 5 day period and ensured no delays were encountered to the construction programme.

Project Value £50,000
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JKW excavation on a prestigious new build in NW London

A very tricky site in NW London with a construction of a residential new build with extensive basement. The site had access and space issues along with a costly and difficult boundary wall issue.

We provided a JKW management plan along with specialist watching brief supervising to remove the JKW from site and line foundations with a JKW membrane.

The timescale of works was carried out at different stages within the build and we were on site with very short notice.

Project Value: £25,000
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Black Barriers Building
Wooden Boards

JKW Excavation and on-going treatment plan: Residential

To supervise as a watching brief for the excavation of Japanese Knotweed contaminated materials and providing the controlled waste removal. Works were followed on with a 3 year treatment plan with a guarantee.

This project was very challenging due to the ‘party wall agreement’ and the fact the JKW had grown under and through the boundary wall but the wall could not be undermined. To add to the complexity next to the wall was the gas mains that had to be identified and had dug around. A drop in levels also had to be created so shuttering was installed to make the site safe. Other challenges were access and parking issues which forced us to suspend parking bays, stockpile material and plan quick removal by grab lorries.

We were asked to supervise the main contractor as a watching brief during the excavation of the area affected by Japanese Knotweed in the front garden of the property. We were also required to dispose of the materials at a licenced landfill. On arrival to site, trial digs had been commenced by the main contractor and contaminated soil had been stock piled within the site. Evidence of Japanese Knotweed Rhizomes were discovered and further investigation uncovered evidence of rhizomes growing into the boundary wall between the subject property and the property directly next door. All trial digs to the rear of the property showed no evidence of Japanese Knotweed being present. 30 tonnes of controlled waste were removed using a registered and licenced waste carrier to suitable and licenced landfill. A 3 year treatment plan to the neighbouring and subject property were also put in place which include a two-year monitoring programme in-line with the PCA guidelines is now in place.

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