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Characteristics of Himalayan Balsam

  • Himalayan Balsam is a large plant, normally reaching 1 to 2 metres in height, although in some cases it can grow as tall as 2.5 metres.
  • The serrated leaves grow along the stem joints either in pairs or whorls of three.
  • The green leaves are long and pointed and typically around 5 to 8 cm in length.
  • You will also note the plant’s visible seed pods which explode when touched.
  • The stems are green in the autumn and turn red towards the end of the year.
  • Between June and October, Himalayan Balsam produces clusters of white, pink and purple flowers with five petals giving it a hooded appearance.
  • The fruit capsules have an explosive opening action, firing seeds in all directions away from the plant.
  • Initially, the seeds are brown and turn black as they mature.
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Obligations if you have Himalayan Balsam

Although the roots of the Himalayan Balsam don’t go down as far as Japanese Knotweed, it can still be a difficult weed to get rid of. To ensure a complete eradication, we advise a chemical herbicide applied to the plant.

Himalayan Balsam removal

For help in identifying Himalayan Balsam, you can contact Japanese Knotweed Specialists. Send us a photo and we will provide you with a no-obligation analysis, so you can be sure what your weedy worry is.

For any help in removing Himalayan Balsam or Japanese Knotweed, please contact Japanese Knotweed Specialists.

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