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Dry Bamboo
Our experts offer excavation solutions as part of a bamboo management plan that comes with an optional 5 year guarantee

Where clumping bamboo is present it will be necessary to remove the entire root ball, which depending on how established the plant is could be quite a sizeable mass.  In some instances, clients may wish to retain the bamboo and place it in pots so that it can be retained in the garden in a controlled manor.

Running varieties of bamboo typically prove the most problematic, as they have the tendency to cross property boundaries.  Bamboo is actually a grass that follows the typical plant species characteristics by sending out horizontal roots (or rhizomes).  Running bamboo does this at a rapid rate and can deploy runners several metres from the parent plant. We will trace these at the time of excavation to minimise the amount of excavation required and reduce client costs.

In instances where it is not possible to remove an entire infestation that covers two or more properties, Our experts will use high-quality copper-lined vertical membrane to prevent the plant from spreading back after the bamboo at the subject property has been excavated.

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The security of our 5 year guarantee plan

As a trusted member of The Property Care Association, and an acknowledged expert in dealing with arguably the most renowned invasive plants, we have the experience to deliver the results our customers demand. Should bamboo reappear in the treatment area during your guarantee period, we will return to treat/remove it as part of your plan (at no additional cost).

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