Stop the spread with professional knotweed treatment and removal. Available for both commercial and residential sites with insurance-backed guarantees, so you can get rid of Japanese knotweed for good.

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Our Japanese Knotweed Treatment and Removal Solutions

Watering Plants
Herbicide Treatment

Herbicide treatment focuses on killing Japanese knotweed with either foliage spraying or a stem injection, depending on which solution our experts think will work best for you.

It is an easy-to-apply, cost-effective solution to removing Japanese knotweed with repeat applications.

This treatment works over time by eradicating the Japanese knotweed visible above the ground. It is ideal for situations where digging out the site of the infestation is not possible.
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Excavation Of Soil
Removal & Excavation

Removal and excavation services for Japanese knotweed are very effective for the complete removal of the invasive plant, including its roots.

Once they have identified knotweed on your site, our experts will decide on the correct solution. Typically, this will involve digging out the area, sifting and screening the soil, and installing root barriers to limit the regrowth of the roots. 

Excavation and removal are especially useful when time is limited as they can allow for the affected area to be removed and dealt with elsewhere.
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About Japanese Knotweed

Appearances can be deceiving and, whilst to some Japanese knotweed is an attractive plant, the Environmental Agency (EA) has identified it as stubbornly aggressive and invasive. That means, where it has been identified by the UK government as “controlled waste”, there are regulations when it comes to the identification, prevention, removal and disposal of the plant.

It is extremely hard to remove and eradicate Japanese knotweed without professional help, and there are laws around its encroachment and its disposal. Here at Japanese Knotweed Specialists, we offer a full range of services such as knotweed identification, treatment, and removal. All of our services come with a guarantee for your peace of mind.

Japanese Knotweed Removal - Our Expert Process 

Our proven process to remove Japanese Knotweed works on any size site, whether 1m2 in size or 1000m2.

  • It Starts with Japanese Knotweed Identification
    Once Japanese knotweed has been identified, you will need a survey to understand the scale of the problem.
  • We Survey the Land
    Our team of knotweed treatment specialists will survey the full site to determine how to approach the problem. We do this to minimise removal costs, determine the risks of every project, and establish the environmental impact of treatments. During site visits, our PCA Accredited Surveyors will inspect your land and any surrounding areas for signs of knotweed (including overgrowth). In certain circumstances, this might be carried out by sniffer dogs.
  • We Provide You with a Bespoke Management Plan
    After completing the survey, you can expect to receive a detailed report and Knotweed Management Plan (KMP) within 5 working days (depending on the complexity and size of your project). This will outline your Japanese knotweed treatment plan and include:
    • Written report
    • Detailed quote
    • Complete information pack
    This report will outline the recommended treatment route moving forward, including when our technicians will visit the property as per the schedule. Our KMPs comply with “The Knotweed Code of Practice”, which means that our plans safely deal with knotweed encounters.
  • Issue you with a Guarantee
    Once it has been issued, approved, and paid for, your Japanese knotweed management plan is guaranteed. Our work is PCA-approved and fulfils mortgage lender requirements, which is because our professionals can issue RICS- (the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) approved surveys.

    Depending on the project, our guarantees can last up to 35 years. Optional GPI insurance policies can also offer additional peace of mind.
  • Provide Aftercare
    Once our team has treated and removed Japanese knotweed, we won’t leave you to deal with any future occurrences or issues that arise. We offer a holistic knotweed removal service, where we work with you to monitor the site post-treatment.
Why Choose Us for Knotweed Removal & Disposal Services?

As a market-leading knotweed removal company, our work is accredited by the Property Care Association and the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, and is recognised by mortgage lenders. We work across the country and work with everyone from government agencies to private homeowners.

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PCA & TrustMark accredited
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Our Accreditations

Flexible Knotweed Treatment & Removal Options

We work across multiple sectors, both private and public, to offer our expert services for eradicating Japanese knotweed, from consultancy to removal.

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Our teams will work considerately in your home and garden to ensure our knotweed removal and disposal service is not only thorough, but protects the habitats you may have also. You can also rest in the knowledge that we have trained our removal staff to work around pipes, such as gas or plumbing, ensuring your day-to-day life isn’t affected.

Residential Services


When preparing to develop a site, carrying out a survey and removal is best done before any construction starts. With our ability to carry out dog surveys, we can find knotweed all year round, and begin removal reactively to ensure your project isn’t delayed and can continue, backed by our guarantees.

Commercial Services

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Identify Japanese Knotweed?

Why Is It Important to Treat & Remove Japanese Knotweed?

What Are the Long-Term Dangers of Japanese Knotweed?

What are the Laws Surrounding Japanese Knotweed?

Can I Remove and Kill Japanese Knotweed Myself?

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Our Bespoke Live Reporting System

Our parent company, Grounds Care Group, uses a bespoke live reporting software called iView, developed over 12 years, and as a Japanese Knotweed Specialist customer, you will have access to iView. This gives you insight and scheduling reports, as well as access to receipts, quotes and documentation at the click of a button. Here, you can see the progress of your Japanese knotweed removal, all from your computer or phone.

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