White Hogweed
White Giant Hogweed
What to do in the event of contact with Giant Hogweed

If you do come into contact with Giant Hogweed, you should wash the infected area thoroughly with soap and cold water as soon as possible. After this be sure to keep it covered and away from sunlight for the next 48 hours. You should see a medical professional if you have a reaction to Giant Hogweed.

How Giant Hogweed spreads

Due to the vast quantity of seeds each plant can produce (about 20,000), Giant Hogweed has the potential to spread very rapidly. These seeds can spread by air or by water, give the plant a very far reaching dispersal area.

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How to identify Giant Hogweed
  • Up to five metres in height.
  • White flowers cluster in an umbrella-shaped head (up to 80 cm in diameter)
  • Huge leaves, up to 1.5 meters, incised and deeply lobed
  • Green stems with purple splotches and coarse white hairs.
  • Hollow, rigid stems 5 to 10 cm in diameter
  • A thick circle of white hairs at the base of the leaf stalk
  • Dry, flattened, oval seeds
Giant Hogweed Removal

Giant Hogweed is a horrible plant, and best avoided. If you do discover it on your grounds, the best thing to do is contact a professional removal company, like Japanese Knotweed Specialists who will be able to eliminate the weed with herbicide. If you do need to remove it yourself, then be sure to take all precautions to prevent it coming into contact with your skin: use long, waterproof gloves and eye protectors in case of sap splattering out.

You should also apply sunscreen as an extra layer of protection. Try to avoid working with the plant while the sun is bright; there is no good time to deal with Giant Hogweed, but you will have more luck after sunset.

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White Giant Hogweed