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Remove Japanese Knotweed in your garden

If you do have Japanese Knotweed on your property, you really need to get it removed as soon as possible to prevent it spreading. Japanese Knotweed can grow up to ten cm per day with roots sprouting out in a seven-metre radius. So, if you don’t take care of it as soon as possible, it will quickly spread from one garden to another, infesting whole areas, and potentially costing you a lot more. It is simply not worth the risk of ignoring Japanese Knotweed in your garden, as it can cause a range of irreversible damage and hassle to your property, as well as neighbours properties.

Japanese Knotweed Specialists have been tackling tribulations with this tiresome Triffid for years. We offer a range of removal methods for removing Japanese Knotweed from your garden including leaf herbicides, stem injection herbicides, as well as excavations and even root barriers.

If you suspect you have a Japanese Knotweed infestation, you can send us a photo, and we will let you know for free just what you are dealing with. This can either provide you with the peace of mind that you do not need to act or can confirm that you do in fact have Japanese Knotweed in your garden, in which case, we can help! For any other help and advice with Japanese Knotweed or other invasive plants, get in touch with Japanese Knotweed Specialists.

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To find out more about our Root barriers, and removing Japanese Knotweed from your garden speak to one of our team today on freephone 0800 122 3326 or send us a message.

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