DIY Japanese Knotweed Removal

Japanese Knotweed Removal


Getting Rid of Japanese Knotweed Yourself

DIY Japanese Knotweed removal using herbicide treatment

Herbicidal treatments are an effective way of removing Japanese Knotweed from areas that are not ecologically sensitive. In more sensitive areas, stem injection methods can be used; injecting the herbicide directly is less risky to the environment and to neighbouring plants, and is particularly useful when eradicating plants near water.

Once the herbicide has been applied and absorbed down to the rhizome, the weed cannot regrow. However, herbicide treatments can take up to 24 months to complete.

While removing Japanese Knotweed yourself is possible, it can be difficult, and if you don’t remove every last race, it can grow back and spread even further. For this reason, we suggest contacting a professional Japanese Knotweed removal company.

Dangers of Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed is one of the world’s worst invasive plant species (as classified by the World Conservation Union). And while not harmful to humans, its potential for damage comes from its invasive roots and fast growth rate. In ideal circumstances, Japanese Knotweed can grow up to 10cm a day, and as it spreads it can damage hard surfaces, like concrete, tarmac and brick walls.

Japanese Knotweed is a voracious plant and needs to be identified and removed as quickly as possible to prevent further growth and damage. It is a criminal offence to let Japanese Knotweed spread to neighbouring properties, and if left untreated, it will spread quickly, causing costly damage as it goes.

Japanese Knotweed Specialists

Japanese Knotweed Specialists offers a secure and thorough service to eliminate the weed and guarantee it won’t return.

Japanese Knotweed surveys — To ensure that Japanese Knotweed is removed thoroughly and efficiently and with minimal environmental impact, our specialists conduct a full on site survey.

Knotweed monitoring and aftercareAfter removing the pernicious plant, it is important to monitor the affected areas to ensure they are clear of rhizomes. During cold weather, it is possible for the still living roots to lie dormant and start growing again as the weather warms up. On larger sites, we can offer bespoke aftercare plans as part of your Japanese Knotweed removal.

Japanese Knotweed guarantees To ensure peace of mind after work has been completed, our removal processes come with a 5, 10, or even 35-year Japanese Knotweed guarantee. We are the first company to offer a 35-year guarantee. This is sufficient to cover the length of your mortgage and will satisfy lenders, meaning your purchase or sale can go ahead without disruption.

Our guarantees are independently written and approved by the Invasive Weed Group of the Property Care Association (PCA) and are recognised by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

While treating Japanese Knotweed yourself is possible and it my save you money, it’s important to remember that to get guarantee which will satisfy buyers and mortgage lender, you will need a certificate from a professional Japanese Knotweed company that they have treated the area and removed all trace of the irksome weed.

To book a survey or for any of our Japanese Knotweed solutions, please contact a member of our experienced team on 0800 122 3326 or contact us here.