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Following Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) guidance, we can carry out an ecology survey for your site. We map the natural and semi-natural habitats, recording plant species and other wildlife, using colour coding which allows speedy visual assessment of the distribution and extent of each habitat type and feature, accompanied by a brief description.

With a phase 1 habitat or ecology survey, we can:

  • Identify protected species
  • Assess the implications of any proposed development for each habitat
  • Suggest practical solutions for conservation and preserving biodiversity
  • Highlight conservation and planning policy issues that might require additional habitat surveys or ecological impact assessments

Habitat & ecology surveys

Obviously, obtaining ecological information at the earliest opportunity in the design phase of a project is helpful, however, vegetation and other wildlife may not show itself in winter months. To save time and reduce cost, factoring in optimum habitat survey periods from the beginning will allow you to streamline scheduling for your proposed development

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