Japanese Knotweed Sifting And Screening Service

Cost-effective on-site Japanese Knotweed sifting and screening


Japanese Knotweed Sifting and Screening Services

Our team carry out our Japanese Knotweed sifting and screening service by using plant machinery, a thin layer of topsoil is scraped back and then sifted or screened by our team of Japanese Knotweed Surveyors. Japanese Knotweed sifting and screening only takes a day or two, depending on the size of the site, and once the entire site has been screened, it is ready for immediate development. For very large sites, specialist plant machinery can be used which can screen up to 40 tons of contaminated soil per hour, which is ideal when carrying out Japanese knotweed sifting on bigger scales. When carrying out on-site burial, our specialist’s surveyors will ensure that the area is mapped and recorded appropriately to ensure that there is no risk of the soil causing future issues further down the line.

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