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Japanese Knotweed Sheffield – scaremongering or reality?

Unfortunately for Sheffield property owners and land developers, Japanese Knotweed is all too real. In any city, the high density of buildings means the impact of Japanese Knotweed is devastating and Sheffield is no exception.

In recent years, an unlucky woman on Longfield Road in Crookes was unable to sell her house due to Japanese Knotweed. She was suffering from ill-health and wished to move to a property without stairs, but she had to take her house off the market until she had the knotweed treated professionally and had obtained an insurance guarantee. The invasive plant also affected her neighbour’s house and two homes on the adjoining Loxley View Road, since one plant can spread 7m underground with the potential risk of structural damage to drains, walls, pavements and roadways.

In cases like these our specialised Japanese Knotweed removal in Sheffield service is a must.

How have we eradicated Japanese Knotweed in Sheffield?

We have used a complete range of treatments. The choice we made depended on the severity of the infestation, how quickly the client required its removal, and how ecologically-sensitive the site was.

We might use herbicides, involving foliage spraying and stem injection. We could construct barriers to prevent the spread of Japanese Knotweed. Finally, if the deadline for eradication is tight, we can remove the plant by excavation.

Free assessment, 35-year guarantee

If you suspect you have Japanese Knotweed, send us a photo of the plant and we will assess it for you, completely free of charge. We also offer a 35-year guarantee if you use our eradication services.

We operate not only in and around Sheffield, and the North of England but also nationally around the rest of the UK including London and the South East, South West England, the Midland, Wales and Scotland.

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