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Japanese Knotweed in Leeds

Japanese Knotweed is a fast growing, resilient plant capable of growing through rock, concrete, and brick, causing costly damage to both residential and commercial properties in and around the Leeds area.

Japanese Knotweed Specialist in Leeds

We offer a variety of Japanese Knotweed removal options to deal with both residential and commercial infestations of Japanese Knotweed in Leeds and across the whole of Yorkshire. Depending on the size of the site and magnitude of the Japanese Knotweed infestation, we have solutions including herbicidal leaf application, stem injections, full and partial site excavations, and root barriers.

Why choose Japanese Knotweed Specialists in Leeds?

Our trained surveyor team can visit your property and verify the presence of Japanese Knotweed. Once confirmed, we will work with you to find the best removal solution at the best possible price to fit your needs and timescale.

Contact Japanese Knotweed Specialists in Leeds

If you live in Leeds or anywhere in the Yorkshire area and would like to speak to one of our Japanese Knotweed Specialists about a removal, please call us on 0800 122 3326 or contact Japanese Knotweed Specialists.

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