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About the TA6 Form

The TA6 form is a report that covers a wide variety of information about a property up for sale, and is given to the prospective buyer to help them understand the property they are about to purchase. It includes everything from insurance and parking to environmental matters. . The TA6 form is designed to be completed by the seller without any legal guidance or knowledge, but most people fill them out with solicitors to ensure no potential legal action can be brought about post sale.

If you are selling your property, you will need to complete the TA6 form. This form details information about the property for potential buyers.

Japanese Knotweed on the TA6 Form: From 2020 Onwards

The TA6 form will include questions about Japanese knotweed, and its prevalence.

In February 2020, the Law Society released their fourth edition of guidance for the TA6 form and the question surrounding Japanese knotweed prevalence was revised.

Now, you are only able to state that there is no Japanese knotweed within three metres of the property boundary if you are absolutely certain on the matter and will often be required to provide evidence of a survey by a registered professional stating so. Otherwise, you will have to state not known, which effectively passes the onus to investigate onto the buyer to investigate further.

The Law Society guidance states for Question 7.8

"If No is chosen as an answer the seller must be certain that no rhizome (root) is present in the ground of the property, or within 3 metres of the property boundary even if there are no visible signs above ground."

If you state that there is no known Japanese knotweed, and there ends up being even a fragment of rhizome that causes an infestation, you may still be liable and can be sued for over £30,000. This includes both above and below ground, as visual identification is not able to be taken as proof of non-existence

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How Does this Japanese Knotweed Section Affect Sellers & Buyers?

Sellers and buyers alike are both affected by the TA6 Japanese knotweed question. Most sellers are likely to select the ‘Not known’ option, to avoid having to face the consequences of providing inaccurate information.

As a result of this, buyers may choose to enlist a Japanese knotweed identification and removal expert such as Japanese Knotweed Specialists, who are able to carry out a site survey and report their findings back.


What Does the TA6 Form Japanese Knotweed Section Mean for Home Buyers?

The TA6 form question surrounding Japanese knotweed will affect home buyers depending on whether they insist on a full invasive plant survey as a condition of sale or not. If the question answers “Not Known,” for the existence of Japanese knotweed within three meters of the property boundary, a survey as a condition of sale can ensure that buyers are aware of any knotweed on the property before committing.

What Does the TA6 Form Japanese Knotweed Section Mean for Home Sellers?

A TA6 form will affect sellers if they ticked “No” for Japanese knotweed being present within a three-metre perimeter of the boundary. If Japanese knotweed is then indeed found, this would result in litigation, which could be up to £30,000 worth in damages. It’s best to seek counsel to avoid any potential major litigation issues.

Why Choose Japanese Knotweed Specialists?

Due to our wealth of knowledge, experience in the field, and access to the latest technology in the industry, we are fully equipped to detect even the smallest amount of Japanese knotweed around your home.

If you are looking for TA6 form guidance, we can provide you with all the information that you need to be able to complete your form accurately. Our aim is to help you to speed up the buying and selling process, through our excellent service.

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Our TA6 Form Guidance Services

We are proud to offer services that can provide you with everything you need to confidently complete your TA6 form Japanese knotweed section.

We will carry out a site survey that will determine whether or not you have Japanese Knotweed on or in the surrounding areas of your property.

This will help to speed up the selling process, through instilling a level of confidence in potential buyers. It will also provide you with the peace of mind that the information provided is accurate and you are adhering to legislation.

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