Prevent knotweed from spreading


Japanese Knotweed Root Barriers

The root barrier systems work by stopping the spread of the Japanese knotweed root system. Generally speaking, knotweed roots grow around two metres, therefore by installing the root barriers around three metres deep the roots cannot pass beneath and infest other gardens. Our specialists install the residential Japanese knotweed root barriers at an angle of 45º, this is done specifically to force the root to grow downwards rather than punching through the barrier. As experts in root barrier installation, we are able to fit the Japanese Knotweed root barriers with minimal disruption to the surrounding area and plants.

Unlike physical and chemical removal techniques, residential root barrier systems are a preventative measure designed specifically to stop the knotweed from spreading rather than destroying the plant itself. This can be a great option if you are looking for a more cost-effective solution. Here at Japanese Knotweed Specialists, we supply residential Japanese knotweed root barriers with or without our installation service, as you may have access to a digger in order to excavate around the infestation and fit the barrier yourself if needed.

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