Remove Your Japanese Knotweed Infestation with An Insurance-Backed Eradication Service.

We have 5 and 10 insurance-backed guarantees and a range of tried and tested methods to eradicate Japanese knotweed for good on your land.

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Expert Eradication of Your Japanese Knotweed Problem

Finding Japanese knotweed in your garden or within your commercial grounds can be incredibly stressful.

Whether a commercial developer or an existing/potential homeowner, Japanese knotweed can cause all manner of problems if left untreated. It can damage property, encroach on neighbouring land, and cause delays in property transactions and commercial building progress.

Unfortunately, Japanese knotweed doesn’t just disappear overnight, it can take years to fully eradicate this invasive weed.

Professional identification and eradication of knotweed will ensure that this troublesome weed no longer haunts your land. Japanese Knotweed Specialists and our team of professionals can eradicate it once and for all.

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What Our Japanese Knotweed Eradication Service Includes

Professional eradication of Japanese knotweed shouldn’t just include the actual killing of the plant – correct disposal, environmental care, as well as land restoration are also important. There are also stringent codes of practice that apply to removing and handling invasive species that have to be adhered to.

Our Japanese knotweed eradication services are set up so that we both eradicate the problem now and protect your land for the future. We also offer insurance-backed guarantees that can last from 5 to 10 years.

    • Removal on sites from 1m2 to over 1000m2
    • Both commercial and residential  removal performed by accredited experts
    • Surveys, both dog and human detection, to understand the extent of the problem
    • Sifting and screening for rhizomes
    • Cost-effective herbicide treatments
    • Off-site removal with accredited waste licences
    • Insurance-backed guarantees between five and 10 years

    The Japanese Knotweed Eradication Process

    1. Identify the Japanese Knotweed and the Scope of the Problem

    Japanese knotweed is often first identified by a concerned landowner wondering why a plant is taking over their outside space. If you suspect you may have knotweed, receive a free, no-obligation photo identification by emailing clear photos of the suspected plant to info@jkws.co.uk.  

    The first shoots of knotweed tend to appear in early spring and grow to full height over the summer. By winter, the shoots are dry, brown and brittle.  

    Japanese knotweed is a fast-growing plant with heart-shaped leaves and gentle white flowers that appear in springtime. The weed is spread through its root system, so identifying it early on is key, as the plant can continue to spread year-round, even if above ground it looks dormant.

    2. We Provide a Land Survey

    One of our RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) accredited professionals will undertake a Japanese knotweed survey to determine the extent of the spread of the plant, and whether it has crossed any boundaries.  

    Using the latest RICS guidance, you will then be notified of the Management Category that the affected area falls under, from categories A (the worst infestations that require immediate action) to D (only defensive action on the property in question is needed).  

    If the site is being surveyed during winter, we may use sniffer dogs to help identify the presence of Japanese knotweed, as they can sniff out rhizomes in the smallest quantities, no matter the time of year.  

    3. Japanese Knotweed Management Plan Created

    As Japanese knotweed is considered a form of contamination, it’s our duty to produce a comprehensive management plan that details the method and timeframe for removal. You’ll get this plan within five working days from our survey, depending on the complexity of the project.  

    This plan is not only so that you can understand the scope of our work, but also so that we can demonstrate to local councils and the Environmental Agency that we have taken every precaution needed.  

    Alongside precautionary measures, we also produce knotweed management plans to show the extent of the infestation, any boundaries crossed, as well as project timelines.  

    Inside your knotweed management plan, you’ll get:

    • Maps to show the scope of the infestation, as well as any boundaries it may affect
    • Removal costs, including guarantees
    • A project timeline, as well as post-removal checks

    4. Japanese Knotweed Eradication Options

    Whether small-scale residential infestations or large-scale commercial eradication, Japanese knotweed requires highly technical removal methods.

    Often knotweed is treated with a multi-faceted approach, whereby a chemical treatment is combined with another form of removal. This allows for greater peace of mind, but also better outcomes.  

    We may use multiple methods of knotweed eradication, including:

    Steam Injection

    5. Guarantee Issued

    Once your knotweed management plan has been approved, paid for and issued, our work begins utilising one of, or a combination of, the above methods.

    Then, once the work has been completed, we will issue you with a guarantee, which can vary in length, anywhere from 5 to 10 years.  

    These insurance-backed and PCA-approved guarantees can help to satisfy mortgage lenders and can be used as legal evidence to help with selling or buying a house. The mortgage length guarantees stay with the property rather than with the person who paid for it, so future property owners can rest easy.

    6. Aftercare of the Land

    Post-eradication, we’ll continue to monitor and ensure that the work done is effective and that your land recovers well.

    If Japanese knotweed does re-appear, then you can rest assured that if the land is under guarantee, we will be able to assist.

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    Everything You Need to Know About Japanese Knotweed Eradication

    Why does Japanese Knotweed need to be eradicated?

    As an invasive species, and covered by five major governmental acts, Japanese knotweed is a threat to UK wildlife and buildings.  

    Knowingly allowing Japanese knotweed to spread can lead to fines and prosecution, so eradicating knotweed at the earliest opportunity is key.  

    What are the long-term dangers of Japanese Knotweed?  

    Japanese knotweed can grow up to 10cm a day in the peak growing season. This, combined with the rhizome’s ability to grow back from even a thumbnail-sized amount means that total eradication is the only method to truly stop this invasive beast of a plant from continuing its utter domination of our natural biodiversity.

    Why Choose Japanese Knotweed Specialists for Knotweed Eradication?

    As a market-leading company, the Property Care Association and the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors accredit our work and mortgage lenders recognise it. We work across the country and work with everyone from government agencies to private homeowners.

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    Our Accreditations
    Working with Japanese Knotweed Specialists

    We work across numerous sectors and in both residential and commercial settings.

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    PCA & TrustMark accredited
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    10 Year insurance backed guarantees
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    Re-mortgage or sell your property hassle-free
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    Nationwide coverage with local teams of experts
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    Guarantees for 5 to 35 years
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    We work as considerately as possible, keeping your garden and home as tidy and clean as possible. Where work must be carried out over numerous days, we will make sure that your home is safe, so children or vulnerable adults can’t fall into any dug-out areas. We also protect the biodiversity of your garden and will restore it back to how it looked previously.

    Residential Services


    If you’re a property developer, local council, or business owner, then we can help you to eradicate any Japanese knotweed before construction work begins, or remediation work happens.  

    Our leading guarantees provide you and other land users with the peace of mind that what we have done is working and that you are protected.

    Commercial Services
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    Our Bespoke Live Reporting System

    Our parent company, Grounds Care Group, uses a bespoke live reporting software called iView, developed over 12 years, and as a Japanese Knotweed Specialist customer, you will have access to iView. This gives you insight and scheduling reports, as well as access to receipts, quotes and documentation at the click of a button. Here, you can see the progress of your Japanese knotweed removal, all from your computer or phone.

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