Bamboo Removal in Southampton  

Bamboo can be used for both ornamental and screening purposes, but this fast-growing, invasive plant can also run rampant across the Southampton area.  Whether you’re a homeowner with bamboo encroaching on your property or a commercial business eager to clean up your land, bamboo can cause expensive problems when left untreated and is best removed.

For that, you’ll need a fully accredited bamboo removal company like Japanese Knotweed Specialists. We have extensive experience in dealing with the safe removal and disposal of bamboo and other invasive species such as Japanese knotweed.

Our complete removal service begins with the formal identification of bamboo to ensure we adequately extract the plant from your grounds. Next, we will create a bespoke plan specifically designed for you before carefully and thoroughly removing the bamboo from your land.

Our Southampton bamboo removal service includes every stage from the initial survey through to removal and aftercare. When you work with Japanese Knotweed Specialists, you’ll benefit from a team of experts dedicated to invasive plant removal.

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Our Bamboo Removal Services for Properties in Southampton

Bamboo has the ability to grow up to 35cm in a day during the peak season and can rapidly spread far and wide onto neighbouring properties, leading to a rise in nuisance claims.

Some property owners and businesses in the Southampton area may have been mis-sold the wrong type of bamboo or planted it without knowing the problems it can cause. Or, if you’ve bought a home with untamed bamboo, you may find yourself in possession of a lot of unwanted bamboo.

Bamboo grows faster than many species, which can be beneficial if you need to screen your garden quickly. However, bamboo can be highly invasive and can quickly spread into your neighbour’s land, through pipes and even through the foundation of homes!

    Our bamboo removal services include:

    • Plant removal on sites from 1m2 to over 1000m2
    • Full commercial and residential removal by accredited experts
    • In-depth surveys to clearly plan all removal work required
    • Sifting and screening for bamboo rhizomes
    • 5 or 10-year guarantees available

    Our Complete Bamboo  Removal Process  

    1. Bamboo identification

    As there are so many different kinds of bamboo, it is essential to identify the exact species before we remove it from your land. There are two main types of bamboo: running and clumping.

    Running bamboo commonly causes more issues. Running bamboo refers to the root system, which “runs” under the ground, and spreads far and wide at a rapid rate. It can penetrate all manner of things, including groundwork and tarmac!

    The other type is clumping bamboo, where the roots form a large, bulky ball. Clumping bamboo can still be difficult to remove, as the ball of plant material can be tricky to extract.

    Our team of surveyors, accredited by the RICS, will visit your property to understand the extent of the bamboo problem, as well as identify the precise genus.

    2. Management Plan Created

    Every time we remove bamboo, we create a detailed plan to ensure it is safely and thoroughly removed from your land.

    This will provide you with documentation of the removal and disposal process, which not only reassures you but can also be used if you decide to sell your property. While it isn’t a legal requirement to declare bamboo on your land, it provides potential buyers with peace of mind that you have acted correctly on an invasive species.

    Depending on the extent of the issue, we will estimate what we expect the disruption to be. Where bamboo may have entered the foundations of a home, or into pipework, the disruption will be greater.

    3. Removing the Bamboo

    Once a management plan has been devised, we can begin removing the bamboo from your land. Bamboo is extracted from the ground through the dig and dispose method, rather than with herbicides. This means the removal process can disrupt your daily lives. We will, however, always work considerately and reduce the level of disruption as much as we possibly can.

    During the bamboo removal process, we will provide regular progress updates and highlight any problems we encounter. Please feel free to ask any questions throughout the process, and we’ll do our best to facilitate your requests.

    How much does Bamboo Removal Cost in Southampton and Surrounding Areas?

    Bamboo removal starts from £1,000 plus VAT.

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    4. Guarantee for 5 or 10 Years

    Once your bamboo has been completely removed, we will provide a robust guarantee for the affected land. We can offer a 5 or 10-year guarantee.

    Our guarantee means that if bamboo does grow back within the time frame of your guarantee, we’ll remove it and dispose of it at no additional cost. As bamboo can grow back from the smallest root fragment, we recommend a guarantee to provide peace of mind for years to come.

    We use a 5-year guarantee as standard, but if you’re seeking greater peace of mind then a 10-year guarantee is also available.

    Why Do You Need to Remove Bamboo from Your Land?

    It is advisable to remove bamboo from your land because of the damage it can potentially cause. When planted incorrectly, it can quickly spread beyond your boundaries onto neighbouring properties. Bamboo can be supplied wrongly, and some garden centres and nurseries will often incorrectly label bamboo if they can’t identify what the correct genus is. You may have a more invasive type of bamboo without even knowing!

    Bamboo Planting Laws  & Legislation    

    There are no specific laws against planting bamboo, and as it is not a listed species in the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, it’s not illegal to plant it.  

    It is important to ensure bamboo is always planted in a strong pot with a root barrier to prevent it from breaking through and spreading into the ground. If possible, raise the pot off the ground, so you can see any root breakthrough.

    Areas in Southampton We  Cover  

    Invasive plant species such as bamboo are regularly identified in the Southampton area, requiring expert identification and removal. We work across Southampton and also cover the following locations:

    •   Eastleigh
    •   Hedge End
    •   Hythe
    •   North Stoneham
    •   Rownhams
    •   Totton
    •   Marchwood
    •   Romsey
    •   Chandler’s Ford
    Why Choose Japanese Knotweed Specialists for Bamboo Removal in Southampton?

        We’re recognised by the PCA (Property Care  Association) and are members of their Invasive Weed Group (IWG), as well as  being RICS approved, TrustMark accredited and SafeContractor verified.

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    Our Bespoke Live  Reporting System  

    Our parent company, Grounds Care Group, uses a bespoke live reporting software called iView, developed over 12 years, and as a Japanese Knotweed Specialists customer, you will have access to iView. This gives you insight and scheduling reports, as well as access to receipts, quotes and documentation at the click of a button. Here, you can see the progress of your bamboo removal, all from your computer or phone.

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