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What is Japanese Knotweed?

Japanese Knotweed is a fast-growing plant that was first brought to the UK in the 1850s. Initially praised for its exotic beauty, fallopia japonica is now considered one of the world’s most invasive 100 alien species.

What damage does knotweed do?

Japanese Knotweed is an extremely tenacious plant, and during the warm summers in Brighton it can grow up to 10 cm a day. Its ability to exploit even the smallest cracks and fissures mean it can grow into concrete and tarmac in search of water. This means that an infestation of Japanese Knotweed can cause severe damage to property and foundations if left untreated.

Can you get rid of Japanese knotweed?

Getting rid of Japanese Knotweed from your house in Brighton by yourself is extremely difficult. There are basically two ways to eliminate Japanese Knotweed, one is excavation and the other is herbicide. Japanese Knotweed can send down roots as far as three metres below ground, so digging it all up is a real problem. Especially since just 1 cm of root or rhizome can lie dormant for up to 20 years before starting to regrow at a very fast rate.

How is Japanese knotweed spread?

Japanese Knotweed produces seeds, but it is very rare for it to spread via air. Its usual method is through its roots which can grow down to roughly three metres with a seven-metre radius. It also grows very rapidly which means it can colonise an area extremely fast.

The main culprit in spreading Japanese Knotweed is tiny fragments of it being transported in soil. Japanese Knotweed can regrow from a rhizomes fragment weighing just 0.7g. This is why soil from a Japanese Knotweed excavation is classed as hazardous waste and must be disposed of securely.

Japanese Knotweed removal in Brighton

We were called to investigate a Japanese Knotweed infestation at an art deco block of flats in Hove. This was a very high-end residence in the Brighton and Hove area, and home to a number of famous actors and celebrities. When one of the residents noticed Japanese Knotweed in the garden of this Brighton property, they contacted us and one of our knotweed specialists went to survey the site and discuss removal options with the client.

They preferred to have the Japanese Knotweed excavated as a more immediate solution to the problem. We dug up the irksome weed and disposed of the soil at an off-site location. The cost of the Japanese Knotweed excavation for the property was £12,000. After removing the knotweed, we imported new British Standards topsoil, which meant the residents could get their stunning garden back, and with a ten-year Japanese Knotweed guarantee and a two-year monitoring scheme in place, there were no negative effects on the mortgage.

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