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What is brownfield land?

Brownfield land is land which has previously been developed on but is not currently in use, and has become run down. Brownfield land is frequently plagued by Japanese Knotweed.

With the attractive proposition of new development in Croydon, many investors are now going to be looking at this land around Croydon. However, before any commercial development work can take place, it will be necessary to get any Japanese Knotweed present on sites removed and receive a guarantee from a certified Japanese Knotweed company.

Japanese Knotweed excavation in Croydon

When eradicating Japanese Knotweed from land destined for redevelopment, it is necessary to excavate the knotweed and have it disposed of offsite to eliminate the risk of disturbing the rhizomes and having it regrow.

Japanese Knotweed Specialists offer a full survey and excavation service for Japanese Knotweed infestations in Croydon and the surrounding area.

Japanese Knotweed around railway lines

Historically, land used for train and tram travel has been more susceptible to Japanese Knotweed infestations. This may be due to the fact that in the past rail companies used robust and hardly plant to enforce the areas around rail tracks. However, this has lead to some problems for residents living close to rail lines. As in the case of Williams v Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd, who eventually won damages when Japanese Knotweed spread to their properties in Cardiff.

Japanese Knotweed Specialists in Croydon

Japanese Knotweed Specialists have completed over ten large knotweed excavations for construction projects in Croydon. These have ranged from old garages and brownfield sites to elderly care homes.

We have also worked with many contractors on different Japanese Knotweed projects including home builders and developers, large construction companies, and even with Croydon Council.

Contact Japanese Knotweed Specialists in Croydon

If you live in Croydon, or you are a developer looking to starting a project in Croydon and would like to speak to one of our Japanese Knotweed Specialists, you can call us on 0800 122 3326 or contact us here.

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