Specialists in the removal and treatment of Japanese Knotweed

Other Invasive Weeds

Japanese Knotweed Specialists are one of the UK’s leading contractors and consultants in the control, treatment and removal of all Invasive Weeds.

We offer our services nationwide through local teams supported with our bespoke innovative field based software to deliver the very best service. Adam Brindle, who founded the company has focused on offering robust and reliable services whilst offering value for money through problem solving and innovation.

Some of the invasive weeds, other than Japanese Knotweed, that we treat are:

Plants That Look Like Japanese Knotweed

A lot of the time Japanese Knotweed is mistaken for other invasive weeds and plants. We offer a free service where you can submit a photo to us and we can identify whether it is Japanese Knotweed or not..