Our unique scheduling and live reporting system makes us more efficient than our competitors. This means our customers not only get a superior service but it allows us to pass on cost savings giving them better value for money.

Live minute by minute reporting allowing you to stay in control

Our bespoke sophisticated scheduling system has been designed to;

  • Mobilise our field teams
  • Empower our office support
  • Engage with our customers

The benefits for both us and our clients;

  • Saves a huge amount of time
  • Saves money which leads to lower costs for our clients
  • Saves on paper and therefore the environment
  • Fully transparent so you can see what we do and when we do it

How it works in the field to mobilise our teams:

Our field based Smartphone app instantly syncs with our scheduling system in the office, the app allows our field based teams to optimise their travel routes for the day and week as our app displays the locations of all current daily assignments on an interactive map and allows us an our drivers to find the closest jobs and avoid traffic. The app also provides voice-guided turn-by-turn driving directions to the job site.

Ensuring our teams are fully trained and kept up-to-date.

Training resources such as instructional videos, photos and manuals are accessed on site linked to the specific job/task that is required.

Easy scheduling and dispatching

Our central operations office has easy access to see all of the jobs that need to be assigned and build schedules for multiple teams from a single view, meaning scheduling is easy and efficient saving time, money and fuel with careful route planning.

Our system also allows us via the Out Geo Tracking interactive map to locate jobs and worker’s locations, track travelling history and time spent on site and optimises the best travel routes.

Engaging with our customers

We are here to make your life easier!

Our system ensures you are have access to your sites jobs with real time information. Our automated customer communication gives you a tool to check on job details anywhere and at any time, without calling the office.

The Customer Portal is the new way our customers can contact us to schedule a job or check on the status of existing jobs and quotes. By putting all our job photos, documents, quotes and job sheets in one place that is easy to use and access, it consolidates a large amount of the Contract Management process.

Live Digital job receipts, quotes, and inspection reports

We can create a custom form to use on our systems that can be site and client specific, this streamlines the process by emailing all documentation from the field to your email within seconds of it being completed.

To find out more about our solutions speak to one of our team today on 0800-122-3326 or send us a message.