Invasive Weed Risk Surveys

Treatments tailored to your problem

Each Japanese Knotweed survey case is different. That is why it is vital that the treatment and approach used is carefully tailored to each of these specific cases and sites.

Japanese Knotweed Specialists will undertake a full survey on every case. This helps reduce costs, as well as establish the environmental impact and any potential risks of the treatment that is to be carried out. As an approved PCA Invasive Weed Group member we are approved by RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) to undertake surveys for mortgage purposes.

Our Japanese Knotweed surveys will include:

  1. An arranged site visit to accurately inspect and identify Japanese Knotweed and any other invasive weeds
  2. Records and presents the extent of the infestation including neighbouring properties where access can be gained
  3. Photographic and visual records of the infestations including the distance from any habitable space
  4. A scaled survey JKW plan on a Ordnance Survey map
  5. Practical and honest suggestions on how best to treat the Japanese Knotweed, carefully considering location, timescales and budget
  6. An approved RICS property Risk Assessment
  7. Clear and fixed price quotation

Professional Japanese Knotweed surveys costs are deducted from the cost of the treatment plan.


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