Neighbourhood disputes around Japanese Knotweed

June 3, 2016 | 2:11 pm

That’s right, Japanese Knotweed is not content in ruining grounds and property, it can also stop-at-nothing in ensuring it ruins neighbourly relationships too!

If you’re infested with Japanese knotweed, chances are that it’s likely it could you’re your life a real misery – by spreading into your neighbour’s land.
In fact, you could have a civil dispute on your hands if it’s not sorted pronto.

First of all, you’ll need to agree with your neighbour, where the Japanese Knotweed came from – but just be careful, this can be difficult and expensive to prove – and to agree on.

Okay, so what’s the best way for me and my neighbour to sort things?

• Japanese Knotweed doesn’t care who owns the land it wrecks – it’s invasive and persistent – and should not be under-estimated.
• Take immediate action.
• Notify the adjoining land-owner of the problem.
• Work together to combat the problem – united we stand, divided we fall and all that.
• Decide on the best way to move forward, and agree on costs at the outset.
Install a root barrier along the infested boundary to prevent further damage.

However, this can be highly costly, especially if done wrong – money that could be better spend employing elimination experts to get the job done properly from the start.

Need assistance? We’ll provide expert witness services in accordance with Civil Procedure Rules (CPR 35). We’ll also put you in touch with legal experts, highly experienced in Japanese knotweed disputes.

Most severe fines for homeowners who do not treat Japanese Knotweed on their property are currently set at £2,500! – Read our story here to find out more!